How to Sell Designer Jewellery for Cash

29 May 2012

To sell designer jewellery, make sure you read this indispensible guide and you’ll be able to make an informed, educated choice whether you want to sell your designer jewellery for cash and how best to go about it.


What Is Designer Jewellery?

There isn’t a dictionary definition of ‘designer jewellery’, partly because of the sheer scale of what’s out there and partly because of the fact that no-one can agree!

The best definition we can come up with that won’t offend anyone is that it’s fashionable yet affordable jewellery which is manufactured in relatively small numbers from bespoke jewellery designers like Butler & Wilson and Theo Fennell or from some of the world’s most famous fashion houses like Chanel, Cartier, Christian Dior and Yves Saint-Laurent.

There are hundreds – thousands – of different types, including handmade designer jewellery and vintage designer jewellery and every single piece has its own intrinsic value.


Why Do You Want to Sell Designer Jewellery?

People accumulate designer jewellery without realising it. Go and look in your jewellery box upstairs. We bet you’ve got more than you think!

Could this be the time to get a fast quote and instant cash for your designer jewellery?

  • Money – All you need to do is switch on the TV or the radio to know that there are a multitude of websites and High Street businesses who will offer you cash for your designer jewellery but if you need a quick sale, you will probably have to accept a little lower than its market value.
  • Style – Designer jewellery, like designer clothes, handbags and shoes seem to go in and out of fashion at lightening quick pace and as such, the market is constantly changing. You may decide you’d like to trade your designer jewellery for the latest pieces but either way, there are people out there who will want what you have, you just might find you need to look a bit harder.
  • Wills – It’s very common for designer jewellery to be left in Wills and if you find you have a good collection of designer jewellery that has been left to you, especially rare or vintage designer jewellery, it might be worth more than you think!


How to Sell Designer Jewellery

By very definition, designer jewellery is all things to all people! Type ‘selling designer jewellery’ into Google and you’ll find thousands of sites selling millions of different pieces from designers you’ve heard of and designers you haven’t but the key is to bide your time and make sure you do your research. You may have hit the jackpot with a one-off piece by Fabergé worth millions, but then again you may not!

Essentially what we’re saying is do your homework.

Speak to a few independent designer jewellery experts or dealers for a valuation and, if you need one, an explanation of what you have!

Selling designer jewellery online is absolutely fine, but you need to be honest about what you have otherwise you’re wasting your own time and that of any potential interested parties. Take high quality pictures and make sure you highlight any defects that may affect the price.


Selling Designer Jewellery Online

Playing ‘sell designer jewellery’ games on peer-to-peer websites carries inherent risks regarding the security of your items, communicating with buyers and perhaps the biggest of all, non-payment. Understand from the outset who you’re dealing with and if you’re at all unsure, don’t go through with the sale. An alternative to peer-to-peer sales is to use established online marketplaces, with strong reputations and well-tried processes, like 62days.

  • Here at 62days we have designer jewellery experts who will offer you a free quote based on the images you upload.
  • 62days was set up to make selling designer jewellery stress free and our reputation for reliability and trustworthiness is renowned. Importantly, our service is also 100% free to you – with no valuation fees or transportation charges. You are also safe knowing that you are backed by TRUSTe, the internet’s leading online privacy provider.
  • We are called 62days because we give you 62 days to buy back your designer jewellery for the same amount you sold it for, and yes, we really do mean the same amount!
  • 62days is online so our low overheads mean we can offer you the best prices for your designer jewellery.
  • We use PayPal, Google Checkout, Neteller, Moneybookers who are the world’s biggest online payment facilities, or we can pay your money into your nominated account.
  • We use FedEx to collect your items and they are insured while they are en route from you to us. They can also be tracked online.


Selling Designer Jewellery at Auction

  • You will often find collections of designer jewellery at auction houses but ensure you do your homework and research the state of the market.
  • Visit a few auctions and find out what pieces like yours are selling for. When you come to sell designer jewellery, you are far less likely to get ripped off since you will know, albeit roughly, what your pieces may be worth.
  • Auction rooms are an excellent way of networking with other buyers and sellers without having to go through the auction process and you might walk away with an interested buyer or at the very least, some free advice.


Designer Jewellery Dealers

The market for selling designer jewellery is as competitive as it’s ever been and there are specialist designer jewellery dealers who can do a number of things. They can appraise what you have; they can offer to buy your items from you or they can put you in to contact with people (other dealers or clients) who have a genuine interest in what you have to sell.


What You Should Do Now

With 62days, it’s easy to get cash for your designer jewellery with a free quote. All you have to do is upload your item now.