How to Sell a Pen Online for Cash

09 Aug 2012

Luxury and top brand pens are sought after items which have become particularly popular as gifts in recent times. Yet for those who wish to sell pens, it can sometimes be hard to know where to start, as unlike those looking to sell gold or sell diamonds, the second hand luxury pen market is relatively obscure.

There’s no doubt that Googling ‘sell pens’ will give you a start, but it can be difficult to filter the results to find only that information which is useful and relevant. It’s even harder to find people who will actually offer to buy your luxury pen straight away without any hassle. Thankfully, at 62days we can provide you with helpful seller information, a safe, secure and quick way to sell pens as well as making you a free, no-obligation appraisal. Read on to find out more or use our free quote form on the right to sell your pen now.


Selling pens requires research. What have you got? Do you have a rare or antique pen?  What do you think your pen might be worth? If you’re not sure, try to find local experts who may be able to give you the additional information you’ll need to sell your pen online or on the High Street.

It’s also worth noting that selling pens isn’t as straightforward as something like selling gold, where you simply offer it for sale then take the money. Pens vary as much as any commodity and there are certain pens that fetch higher prices than others. Prices can be more competitive for those looking to –

Sell Mont Blanc Pens • Sell Cross Pens • Sell Parker Pens • Sell Waterman Pens • Sell Faber-Castell Pens • Sell Caran d’Ache Pens

Selling Pens Online with 62days

At 62days we’ll give you a fast, safe, convenient way to sell your pen online. Our experts will give you quick valuations which you are entitled to accept or reject as you please. Our service is completely free, and that includes collections.

The benefits of selling to 62days include:

  • We offer you the opportunity earn additional income by selling pens
  • We’ll also give you 62 days to cool off
  • All you have to do is upload an image of your pen and we will contact you with a valuation. Remember, if you do decide to sell your pen online, be sure to take clear pictures that show up as much detail as possible
  • We’ll pay you via a number of trusted online facilities like PayPal, or we can deposit your money straight into your bank account

Selling Pens at Auction

Selling pens at auction is ideal if you have a rare or antique pen. Auctions are also great to see what sort of money similar pens are selling for but remember, there are other factors to note.

Firstly, if the bidding gets competitive, you might see pens sold for artificially high prices and conversely, if interest is low, pens may not sell at all.

Secondly, if you do decide to sell your pen at auction, be aware that there can be significant fees involved in listing, photography and house commissions.

Selling Pens on Peer-To-Peer Trading Sites

When you’re looking at the various ways to sell a pen online, you may wish to try peer-to-peer trading sites. This can be a good way to sell but it is also important to be aware of security, terms of payment, communication methods and issues surrounding peer-to-peer direct sales. Make sure to follow any advice offered by the service you use as well as any available advice from your local police or trading standards networks.


Pawnbrokers – ‘Selling’ to pawnbrokers is a bit confusing. What you’re actually doing is using your item as collateral to guarantee a loan. Though often more relevant to those looking to sell jewellery or to sell wedding rings, a pawnbroker will offer you money for your pen and you then have two options. Keep the cash, or buy back your pen at the end of the loan period. Keeping the cash is easy, but if you want your pen back, you will most likely have to pay high admin fees and interest rates, so make sure you know what your liability is going to be before you agree to anything.

Antique Dealers – Is your pen rare or an antique? Is it of interest to dealers? There’s only one way to find out but again, it’s not straightforward. Dealers can value your pen and if you decide to sell a pen this way, they can put you in touch with interested parties but may charge fees for all these services. In addition, selling a pen to a dealer may not realise the price you were looking for since they will usually be looking to sell it on for a profit.


There are plenty of reasons why you’d want to sell a pen. Perhaps you don’t use it and it’s gathering dust; maybe you need to realise additional funds or maybe you’re a collector and you’re looking for something different or specific.

Either way, at 62days, we’ll give you a safe, secure and convenient way to sell a pen without you having to play ‘sell pen’ games with anonymous people.


If you’ve decided how to sell your pen, you can get an offer right away. An expert quotation and for your pen is available from 62days, all you have to do is upload your item now for a quick online quote.