Sell Your Cartier Watch Online For Cash

15 Jun 2012

Selling Cartier watches can be difficult if you’re not sure how to go about it. For those who do, the process can be easy and straightforward and hundreds of people do it every day for a variety of reasons…

Has your watch gone out of fashion? Do you simply no longer like the style or the feel of it? Many people want to sell Cartier watches simply due to the desire to change and upgrade.

Other reasons people have to sell Cartier watches may involve a need to get some extra funds to settle financial matters or to pay for a treat like a holiday. Another popular reason for selling a Cartier watch can be if it’s an item inherited through a Will.

Remember, selling anything online or offline requires research. Find out what sort of money your particular Cartier watch is going for in various places and then come back to this article for your sale choices.


If you’re prepared and know exactly what you’re in possession of, you’ll be better prepared for anyone trying to play unnecessary ‘sell Cartier watch’ games. Key points to remember:

Do you have the model name and number? Do you know when it was manufactured? Try and find this information because it will be useful to potential buyers

If possible, get an independent watch dealer to value your Cartier watch for you. Again, this is an important selling point when you’re looking for buyers.

If you want to sell a vintage Cartier watch or sell a rare Cartier watch then you’re in luck. They are incredibly desirable – even more so if you have its Certificate of Authenticity, original documentation and even the original receipt – and often fetch huge sums at auction.

If you’re selling a Cartier watch online, upload pictures that are magnified and show up all the details and flaws, however small.

However you go about it, there are always a few things to keep in mind. If you want to sell a Cartier watch on the internet or on your local High Street, people may try and offer you low valuations or they could even try and pull the wool over your eyes in one way or another – so be careful and make sure you know exactly who you’re dealing with and what sort of reputation they have.


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And it’s not just Cartier, we can help people seeking sell Gucci watch options or seeking to sell a Rolex watch.


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Selling A Cartier Watch – Auction

Cartier watches are a mainstay of general watch auctions but make sure you’re fully aware of the pros and cons of this method –

There’s very little you can do about low turnouts or prices you’re not happy with. Once the gavel hits, there’s no comeback.

Set a reserve price by all means but don’t be too disappointed if a sale isn’t made and you’re back to where you started, these things happen…

Selling A Cartier Watch – Pawnbrokers

Selling a Cartier watch at a pawnbroker is easy but you will often be offered a low price and you will have to pay very high fees on top of the original amount to get it back. While many customers use pawnbrokers primarily to sell gold jewellery or are seeking sell engagement ring options, you can also use them to leverage money against a luxury watch.

Selling A Cartier Watch – Watch Dealers

Watch dealers are always interested in antique or rare Cartier watches and will usually give you a valuation (which you might have to pay for). They may also buy it for themselves but be mindful of the fact that they are ‘dealers’ meaning they will still need to sell it on at a profit.

Selling A Cartier Watch – Peer-To-Peer Trading Sites

‘Sell Cartier watch’ games on peer-to-peer sales sites carry more than their fair share of risk. While the majority of transactions and users are genuine, non-existent communication, delivery issues and payment problems can happen with these types of services so be careful and follow any guidelines the site offers.


At 62days, we offer you the chance to safely sell a Cartier watch. Upload a photo and we will give you a fast and reliable quote within 20 minutes!