Sell Your Gucci Watch Online for Cash

13 Jun 2012

If you’re seeking to sell your Gucci watch then you are probably looking to explore your options and make sure you find the right method for you. You can spend forever playing unnecessary ‘sell Gucci watch’ games online with buyers who claim they’re interested, however there are other options with companies who will take the hassle out of any sale.

The key point is to assess the pros and cons of each method of selling your Gucci watch and find the right balance of price, ease and security to suit your needs. In this article we explore some of these options as well as looking at the background and key aspects of Gucci watches.



Gucci was founded by the excellently-named Guccio Gucci in 1921 in Florence and has been a household name in the high end fashion, leather goods, jewellery and watch market for over 90 years. They are the biggest selling brand in Italy and generated worldwide revenues of €4.2bn in 2009. In the same year, Gucci were 41st in Business Week magazine’s ‘Top 100 Global Brands’.



At 62days, we consistently give our clients extremely competitive prices for second-hand Gucci watches. Some of the most popular models we purchase include those from customers looking to –

  • Sell Gucci Coupe watch
  • Sell Gucci Timeless watch
  • Sell Gucci Chrono watch
  • Sell i-Gucci watch

We can also offer you excellent offers for ladies Gucci watches as well as vintage or rare Gucci watches.



You may want to sell your Gucci watch for cash simply to raise a little extra income but the places that have a limited sales base – such as certain pawnbrokers or High Street options – can sometimes offer you far less than the true value of the watch, as they may have trouble selling it on themselves.

Your watch may have gone out of fashion and it could be the time to sell your Gucci watch and look around at the other watch brands on the market.

Or, you may have inherited it or been given it as a gift. Either way, it’s possible you are in possession of a vintage or rare Gucci watch which may be worth a lot of money! Our specialist Gucci watch experts will give you a free, concrete offer which you are then free to accept or reject as you wish.

Regardless of why you want to sell your Gucci watch, they will vary in value quite dramatically dependent on condition, rarity and whether you are in possession of the paperwork associated with the watch.

Our advice is to take a good look at the market, don’t rush your decision and remember that taking your time and assessing your options is unlikely to cause you any difficulties – the bottom won’t fall out of the Gucci watch market overnight!



Selling Gucci watches can sometimes be easy and it can also, on occasion, be difficult. Designer watches are bought by people who know what they want and who know what they’re looking for, so you need to be prepared.

  • Do you know which Gucci watch you have? You need to know the model, serial number and if you can, the year it was made.
  • Have a chat with a ‘horologist’, otherwise known as a watch specialist and find out how much your Gucci watch is worth. Potential buyers are more likely to bite if there is an independent valuation available.
  • Make sure you are in possession of the watch’s documents and certificate of authenticity for exactly the same reason.
  • If you’re looking to sell your Gucci watch online, take high quality digital photos that show up every detail, including scuff marks and damage.

Selling Your Gucci Watch at Auction

Selling your Gucci watch through an auction house, including specialist watch and jewellery auctioneers, can be an excellent approach – though, like all options, there are pros and cons.

As the auctioneer shouts ‘SOLD’, you have achieved your objective – to sell your Gucci watch – but if it’s a slow day, the room is half full or you’re not satisfied with the sale price, there’s almost no comeback.

You are able to set a reserve price (the price below which, the watch won’t sell) but if the bidding doesn’t get that high, you’re left looking for another way to sell.

Also, there can often be fees attached to selling Gucci watches at auction so make sure you are aware of them in advance.

Selling Your Gucci Watch on the Internet

There are innovative online markets, such as, which offer a safe and secure way to sell your Gucci watch online.

  • Our service to you is 100% FREE and we will offer you cash for your Gucci watch without you having to trawl the streets or auction rooms.
  • 62days provides an easy way to sell your Gucci watch online. Quotations are free (with no obligation on your part at all) and your watch will be collected by FedEx.
  • Our Unique Selling Point is that once we buy your watch, you have 62 days in which to change your mind and buy it back for the same amount we bought it from you.
  • Upload a digital photo of your Gucci watch or describe it when you speak to our experts and we’ll give you an instant quote which you can either accept or decline. It’s entirely up to you.
  • At we will always offer our clients extremely competitive prices for Gucci watches.
  • We use secure payment methods including PayPal, Google Checkout, Neteller, Moneybookers or alternatively, we can pay you straight into your bank account.

Obviously there are also a number of other online options – such as peer-to-peer trading. Remember that when looking for the best ways to sell your Gucci watch online you must keep in mind safety and security; some sales sites can make you feel like you’re playing ‘sell Gucci watch’ roulette and can involve risk, so be careful when you are dealing with payment, communication with buyers as well as postage and delivery.



– They will usually offer you cash for your Gucci watch and use it as collateral against a loan (although their valuations will often be on the low side). They will keep it until the term of your loan agreement ends, which can be for 3-12 months, at which point you can buy it back (but this will often incur very high rates of interest and unknown ‘administration’ charges) or you can keep the money, at which point your watch belongs to the pawnbroker.

Watch Dealers
– If you have an antique or rare Gucci watch, most watch dealers will offer to value it for you and they may even make you an offer but remember, they are ‘dealers’, meaning they will want to sell it on at a profit so their offer might also be low.



If you would like cash for your Gucci watch instantly from 62days, upload a photo of your watch and we will send you a free, no-obligation quote.