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At we work together with the International courier company FedEx to ensure that your items are safe whenever they are in transit. No matter whether they are on their way to us for verification or coming back to you. In general all collections and deliveries are carried out by FedEx (should this not be the case for whatever reason, we will inform you beforehand) and are secure, insured for the value of your item and fully trackable.

Sending an item to us

You have decided to accept our initial quote and to send us your item for verification. Along with information regarding pick up address and payment method you will be asked to choose a convenient pick up time within the next three working days. Once this is done, we will email you a FedEx label containing all information for the pick up and the tracking number.

Please print off this label twice, attach one to the parcel and keep the other one for reference (ask the driver to sign your copy as a receipt).

Should you have trouble opening the attachment, have not received the email at all or can’t print out the label, please contact us.

Please note that if you are selling within the UK you will not receive such a label. The FedEx driver will hold all paperwork needed and will provide you with the tracking number. So there is nothing to worry about.

With the tracking number provided you can keep an eye on your parcel whilst in transit by visiting the FedEx website or phoning FedEx.

Delivery of items to you

Whether you’ve decided to buyback your item or the sale has been cancelled for another reason, we always send your items by courier, so your valuables are safe at all times.

How long does it take?

When you make your sale, you will be given several pick up times within the next three days to choose from. Please note that FedEx will only pick up Monday to Friday.

Once the item has been collected, it usually will be delivered to us within 24 hours, where we will verify it immediately and will pay you the same day.

Terms and Conditions

For details of the FedEx terms and conditions, which apply for all collections and deliveries of items to and from, please visit the FedEx website.