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Welcome to our site guide, the place where you can learn everything you need to know about how 62days.com works and how we can help you to earn quick cash for your valuables and get instant cash now. Whether you need help uploading photos of your item or want more information on our shipping, payment or insurance details, it’s all here. What’s more, our FAQ section has the answers to other users’ questions.

We hope you find this useful, but if you still have any queries, we’re on hand to help. This section also contains our support page, with details of how you can get in touch.


Uploading Pictures

This useful guide offers you step by step advice on how to upload photos of your item, making it simple to start using 62days.com.


How do you send an item to us, how does the collection process work and what happens when you buyback an item? Find out here.


Our unique service helps you to earn quick cash for your valuables in a safe and secure way. If you want to know more details about all our secure payment options and our payment process then this article has all the answers.


When does 62days insure your item and for how much? This section answers these questions and more.


Got a question about 62days.com? Want to know how you can start the process to earn quick cash. Check out our frequently asked questions section to see whether the answer is there.

How it works

This is your guide to using various aspects of 62days.com, including helpful tips, advice, ways to get instant cash now and step-by-step instructions.


This page has all the contact details you need, whether you have a general question, a technical issue or want to speak to one of our expert valuers.


We offer an exclusive online shop, where you can purchase a wide variety of valuables for amazing prices.
Currently the shop is available for existing customers only, but contact us, should you want to hear more about how to join or what to expect.
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