The Simple Way to sell

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Uploading Pictures

To get your free, no-obligation quote for your item, you just need to upload some photos of it.  Here’s a quick tutorial of how to do this:

Step 1: Go to Upload Page

Click on the “Click for Cash” or “Get a Free Quote” button to start. This will take you to our “Upload an item” form.

Step 2: Title and Description

Provide a short title for your item (e.g. 14ct gold ring).

The more information you give, the easier it is for our experts to quote. Therefore add a brief description of your item, giving us all relevant information you have.

Step 3: Upload up to 5 photos

In order to upload photos onto our website, you will need them in digital format on your computer. To upload them, click on the “Add photo” button. This will open your computer files so that you can search for your photo.

Once you have identified the photo you want to send us, click “Open” to select it. To upload another photo, repeat the process. Should you accidently select a wrong picture, click on the “Bin” icon in the upload list to dispose of it.

To confirm that your photo has uploaded correctly, it will show as a thumbnail image along with its file name. If the thumbnail doesn’t show, chances are your file is too big or in the wrong format and therefore won’t upload. Contact us, should you have any issues.

Step 4: Ready to go!

Once you have uploaded all your photos and are happy with title and description, click on the “Get a free Quote” button.