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Selling your valuables to 62days is about more than just a cash transaction, we like to throw in a little bonus as a way of saying Thank You to our valued customers.


When we make you an offer for your valuable, as well as giving a highly competitive cash offer we’ll also give you a little bit more: an exclusive bonus gift voucher for our luxury online store.


Our whole philosophy aims to ensure you get the most from your valuable items, and we already offer our customers our unrivalled buyback service. But if you choose not to buy back, your bonus vouchers will become active and you’ll be able to buy yourself something sparkly and new.


These vouchers have no effect on your 62days buyback option; if you buy back your item you only repay the cash amount of any offer and your vouchers are negated. But should you choose not to buy back, you can use your 62days vouchers to get yourself a little luxury. So you can keep your cash and have the option to buy yourself something extra from our exclusive online store.


It’s a little bonus from us to our valued customers; it’s our way of saying thanks