Free Money with

03 Dec 2010

They say there’s no such thing as a free lunch, but what about free money? There are many places that offer you free money online, but most of them have their drawbacks. At, we have a far more straightforward solution. We offer you:

instant cash for your items

the option of buying them back within 62 days for exactly the same price – no added fees or charges

The result? You get free money for up to 62 days with nothing to lose. Or you can choose to keep your cash for good. It’s fast, simple and secure.

To start earning your free money now, click here. Or read on to learn about how it works.

Free Money For Up to 62 Days

Companies are increasingly claiming to offer free money, but if you dig a little deeper, you’ll usually find hidden charges.

On the other hand, at we offer free money with no hidden catches, charges, fees or interest. Instead, we give you quick cash for your items, with the option of buying them back for exactly the same price within 62 days. Essentially, this is free money you can spend or keep.

The Simple Way to Free Money

Just upload some photos of your item or describe it to us to get a quote within 20 minutes.

You’re under no obligation to sell your item, but if you do, you have the option to buy it back for exactly the same price within 62 days. In the meantime, you have free money you can spend or hold onto without being charged a penny. Or, you can decide to keep your cash.

Is It Totally Free?

When we say free money, we mean it. We don’t charge you a single penny for using, ensuring you can get easy cash with no nasty surprises. When you sell an item, we arrange for FedEx to collect it free of charge and if you choose to buy your item back, we’ll send it back to you immediately, also entirely free of charge.

Free Money Fast

At, we not only offer the chance for free money, we also do it quickly and efficiently. You can find out how much quick money you can get within 20 minutes of uploading your item. Then, once we’ve verified your item, you get your cash in 24 hours or less.

Security and Online Safety

We believe you shouldn’t have to compromise your security or safety to earn free money online. We ensure that every element of our service is secure, from our payment methods to our website. For example, we work with only top financial institutions such as PayPal, Google Checkout, Neteller, Lloyds and Moneybookers, so you can be confident that your free money arrives to you safely and securely.

Have any questions? Call us or visit our FAQ page. Alternatively, to start earning free money today and to sell gold, sell pens, sell art or sell valuables, upload an item now.