Temporary finance for small businesses

16 May 2011

“We will have enough money… once the clients pay their invoices…”

Many small businesses are familiar with this cash flow problem. They have clients who want everything rushed and rushed, until it comes to paying their invoices.


Many small organisations face the same problem. Suppliers and subcontractors want their money upfront, HMRC and your employees don’t like waiting for their money. But money doesn’t grow on trees.


When it comes to paying invoices, you are dependent on your clients. You can offer them a discount for paying straight away… but even this doesn’t always solve the problem. During the last recession a lot of small businesses had to stop trading due to exactly this issue. We at 62days.com deem this unnecessary. We want to help you stay in business.


What options do you have to solve your cash flow problem?

The most common option would is to apply for temporary finance with your bank. But this means a lot of paperwork. You will have to present your balance sheets and hope that your bank manager understands your misery. And it will take time… so is it really worth it?


Haven’t you got enough to worry about already? All you need is a quick cash injection for a few weeks, not more headaches.

How can 62days.com help you with this?

62days.com offers you instant money for your valuables. It’s quick, simple and easy. Just upload a picture or a description of your valuable items onto our website and our experts will tell you within 20 minutes how much they are willing to pay for them.


To make it even easier, we will send FedEx to collect your items, usually the next day. You don’t have to do anything yourself, we take care of everything for you. As soon as we receive and verify your item, the money goes straight into your account.


After that you have 62 days to buy your valuables back for exactly the same price. That’s nearly 2 months… enough time for even the most tardy customer to finally pay his bill.


What can you sell to us?

We buy a range of valuables, so you can sell gold, sell jewellery, sell watches and sell art.  You can view a full list of the items we buy here. So why not give it a try. Click here to get started.