Looking for a Payday Loan?

14 Mar 2011

We’ve all been there occasionally.

Every now and then, there’s just too much month for the money. And as overdraft charges on a bank account are high, we all try to avoid them. So what other options are there, if we need some money quick and for a short period of time?


Walk down the high streets and you will find numerous offers of payday loans. You can cash in your cheque in advance, or you can have a loan on your next salary or pawn your jewellery. But all these options come at a price. And this can be a very high price indeed. Plus you will have to go there in person, check the offer and have the hassle.


Read on to learn, how to get a quick payday loan easy and for free or click here to go straight to 62days.com



Feel uncomfortable asking for a loan?

Asking for a loan can be a tricky one. We don’t want anyone to know that we need money. We feel ashamed and uncomfortable going into these loan shops. We fear someone we know might see us. So how best avoid this?


Have a look on the internet. Go to 62days.com and see how you can get quick money from us, without having to go anywhere or having to face anyone in person. It is quick and easy, and none of your neighbours will know (unless you are so happy with the service that you will tell everyone). You won’t have to explain to us, why you need the money. We understand that there are numerous reasons, why we all might need some extra cash every now and then.


And with 62days.com you will have extra time to pay back the money, 62 days to be precise. Click here, if you want to start straight away.



How do I get my money? And what does it cost?

All you have to do is to is upload a valuable item for a free assessments from our experts – you can sell jewellery, sell gold, sell diamonds or other valuables. We’ll make you an offer and, if you decide to sell, you’ll then get quick cash with the option to buy your item back for exactly the same price for up to 62 days.


Simply upload a few pictures or a description onto our website www.62days.com and we will give you a quote within 20 minutes, meaning you will know straight away how much money you could raise. And as soon as we have received and verified your valuable item, we will transfer your money straight away. So you can have your funds within 24 hours and there’s no need to wait days for a cheque to clear, the money will go straight into your account. It’s quick, easy and without the hassle of high-street operators.


Everything is free of charge, there’s no interest or hidden costs and you won’t have to pay a penny. Even better, you will get 62 days to buy your valuable item back for exactly the same price.


No hidden charges, no extra costs. What more can you ask for?


Interested? Why not give us a try. You can sell valuables, sell art, sell antiques and more. Just click here and see how much money you could get.